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Athletic Care (600mg/ 9ML)

Athletic Care (600mg/ 9ML)

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Athletic Care (600mg/ 9ML) For Sale

An Ayurvedic medication called Athletic Care (600mg/ 9ML) has a potent blend of 6 herbs, including hemp seed oil and medical cannabis leaf extract. By relaxing the strengths and nerves in the area of pain through their anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving (analgesic), and antioxidant effects, the constituents help decrease swelling (edema), sudden, shocking pain to nerves (Neuralgia), inflammation, neural irritation, and joint pain. They also increase functional mobility. It guarantees quick nerve and muscle recovery, giving individuals immediate comfort and relief from excruciating pain. This formula can effectively treat any physical injury connected to exercise or sports.


Reduces Muscle soreness and weakness

Relaxes nerves and muscles

Reduces nerve and joint pain


Helps with sprain (injuries)

Increases functional mobility

Cannazo India Athletic Care CBD For Sale

In clinical patients, Athletic care and rehabilitation, cannabidiol, CannazoIndia Athletic Care, Athletic care 9ml (CBD), (athletes care Scarborough, athlete's care sports medicine centres, skin care for male athletes, athletes care beaches) a component of medical cannabis, has been proven to have certain qualities that aid in treating chronic pain, spasticity, mood inflammation, and oxidative effects. These effects might enhance and hasten recovery from a prolog or extreme physical, physiological, and mental strain, like in sports. (1,2)

Many human diseases and chronic and acute health disorders are caused by inflammation and oxidative stress. Therefore, CBD-related oxidative stress and neuroinflammation inhibitions could have some therapeutic potential in sports research, given that exercise-related damage and weariness typically mediate inflammation, proliferation, and oxidative stress. This assertion is supported by data showing that CBD may alter cortisol release, controlling the inflammatory response to damage. This mediation results from adenosine receptors' interaction with CBD CB1 and CB2 cannabinoids, which lowers cytokine levels and suppresses overactive immune cells. (3,4,5).

Cannazo India Athletic Care Online

Two essential and active components of medical cannabis (THC) are cannabidiol (CBD oil India, Cannameds, buy CBD oil India, hemp oil India, CBD oil in India, buy CBD oil, THC oil India, skin infection cream, Cannazo India, CBD oil for dogs India, CBD India, CBD capsules India, hemp oil in India, CBD oil India online, THC India, CBD gummies India, THC products in India, THC oil in India, cannabis online India) and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 

Its CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors are activated by THC, one of cannabis' active ingredients. 2-arachidonoyl-sn-glycerol (2-AG), anandamide, and endocannabinoids are produced by injured tissues and are known to lessen inflammation and sensitivity by activating cannabinoid (CB) receptors.

Both CBD and THC are effective painkillers for the damaged area. THCs have anti-inflammatory properties because they stimulate immune cells' CB2 receptors, which lessens the body's pain-producing reaction to injury. By blocking inflammatory mediators and turning pro-inflammatory macrophage repair cells into anti-inflammatory ones, CBD, on the other hand, reduces inflammation.


  • In addition to other ayurvedic medicines, this medication contains cannabis. Do not use this medication without a prescription if allergic to any ingredients.
  • Before consuming this medication when pregnant or nursing, kindly talk to your doctor.
  • Keep children at a distance.

How to Use: Apply 3 to 5 Drops and massage it on the affected area. In the case of roll-ons, cover the area of the pain.

Storage: In a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

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100% Clean Ingredients

Made in India as per Ayush guidelines

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