Collection: Magiccann

Magiccann - A licensed Medical Cannabis brand that aids our community by identifying and spreading the goodness of therapeutic properties from the best CBD oil India tinctures to edibles in India. 

We help society in discovering the medicinal properties of Cannabis/ Vijaya edibles through our profound articles, product knowledge, omnichannel marketing, and much more. We go through a rigorous quality check process and bring to you the best-in-class full-spectrum CBD oils, Balms, and Massage oils to keep you in the pink of your health through approved and legal medicines. 

The right proportion of THC and CBD, the chemicals in Vijaya extracts, is what makes our CBD a Magic Hemp-based brand. Magiccann holds the Best CBD oil in India which is most wanted by doctors and patients to enhance their health! We take pride in being one of India's foremost CBD or Vijaya brands in India.