Cannameds - FOUNDER & Grievance Officer

CannaMeds consists of ambitious individuals who aspire to educate and spread awareness about Vijaya and Ayurveda with our relentless effort and brand voice.

Name - Mohammed Idrish

Designation - Founder and director

A young software developer and Entrepreneur. Founded Magiccann India LLP and CannaMeds in the year 2019. After using CBD medicines for his father he decided to make CBD medicines easily available in Indian market and built a succesful startup.

Name - JP Kumar

Designation - Sales head

With his extended experience in CBD and medical cannabis oils, Mr kumar loves to spread his knowledge that he gained over decade of time.

Name - Abdullah

Designation - Back Office Executive and operations

Mr Abdullah with his experience in managing staffs and back office operations, handles our day to day orders, trackings etc

Name - Dr U. Mohamed Ikbal

Designation - Medical cannabis specialist

Dr. U. Mohamed ikbal is an ayurvedic consultant. He has an excellent knowledge about ayurveda as well as allopathy(western medicine). He is also a researcher about cannabis(vijaya) and its medicinal benefits to the human body.