Complete Guide to Terpenes

All About Terpenes- Complete Guide to Terpenes

Complete Guide to Terpenes is one of the most popular yet underrated compounds found in cannabis plants. Terpenes are abundantly found in cannabis plants, among other plants. In recent years, terpenes found in cannabis plants have taken the spotlight, leading to several research studies on the compound to explore its properties and benefits.

Jurg Gertsch first noticed that beta-caryophyllene, a type of terpene, could bind to CB2 receptors and began to call it "dietary cannabinoid." Later, in 2011, The British Journal of Pharmacology published an article by Dr. Ethan Russo that emphasized the therapeutic properties of terpenes and Vijaya or CBD together. He indicated that the two compounds, terpenes and Vijaya, can effectively manage pain and and work against inflammation, depression, anxiety, epilepsy, cancer, and even fungal or bacterial infections.

If you want to know more, here are your terpenes meaning in Hindi and how they can combine with CBD or Vijaya for more beneficial mental and physical effects.

What Are Terpenes?

Like cannabinoids, cannabis terpenes explained are naturally occurring molecular compounds in plants. Are terpenes hydrophobic volatile aromatic compounds that are responsible for the distinct smell that plants give out? In plants, they play two important roles: terpenes produce resin and protect the plant from predators.

Cannabis terpenes explained can be found abundantly in cannabis plants. They are also found in lavender, bergamot, coriander, black pepper, and eucalyptus. They can be found in trace amounts in foods like mangoes, broccoli, apples, and hops. 

Cannabis terpenes benefits are widely used as an aromatic instrument for various products in the cosmetics and beauty industry and are also used for health and medical purposes.

Cannabis terpenes benefits are used in essential oils, a major aromatherapy element. They are also used as an additive in food for flavors and aroma.

Terpenes are used along with cannabinoids to enhance their effect and amplify their benefits. There are almost 400 known terpene compounds found in hemp plants. Each of them has distinct properties and is effective when combined with cannabinoids.

What Do Cannabis Terpene Guide Do?-The Entourage Effect

Cannabis terpene guide interacts with the endocannabinoid system like cannabinoids, producing beneficial effects. Terpenes affect the peripheral and central nervous system, which can help regulate sleep, digestion, immune function, mood and more.

The reason why terpenes are special is that they can penetrate the blood-brain barriers that are responsible for preventing bacteria and viruses from entering the bloodstream. Terpenes can easily reach the bloodstream and deliver beneficial effects while keeping the blood-brain barrier intact to maximize its benefits.

When combined with Vijaya Oil, Terpenes can produce a synergy effect that increases the assimilation of CBD and amplifies its effect on the body. This combination of terpenes and Vijaya is known to induce a popularly known concept called the "Entourage Effect." the term was first coined by S. Ben-Shabat and Raphael Mechoulam in 1988. The entourage effect increases and enhances the effects of CBD, which maintains and increases antibacterial properties.

Common Terpenes found with CBD

The cannabis plant has numerous terpenes that have a distinct taste and smell, and all are beneficial. Terpene structure can be extracted from either the flower or leaves of the cannabis plant. Here are some of the common terpene compounds that are commonly used with Vijaya oil or CBD.


The most abundant terpene structure found naturally in cannabis is the myrcene compound. Myrcene has a distinct smell and can be recognized with its earthy, musky notes, resembling cloves. It can also be recognized for its red, fruity-like aroma.

This strain is soothing and usually relieves pain and reduces inflammation. Myrcene is also used as a supplement by people undergoing cancer classification of terpenes. 


Limonene is also one of the most abundantly available examples of terpene compounds in the cannabis plant. It has a distinct citrus smell and is popular in cosmetics and cleaning products.

Limonene is therapeutically used to enhance mood, reduce stress, etc. Some research indicates that limonene can reduce tumor size and provide anti-fungal and antibacterial protection to the body.  


Besides being abundantly available in cannabis plants, linalool is also present in lavender, mint, coriander and cinnamon. Linalool has soothing properties and can relax and calm the mood. This form of terpene has greatly benefited patients suffering from depression, anxiety, arthritis, seizures, and insomnia and also handles cancer symptoms.


Pinene is usually in two forms: Alpha-pinene and Beta-pinene. Both forms smell like pine trees. Apart from being present in the cannabis plant, pinenes are found in rosemary, orange peels, basil and parsley plants. Pinene terpenes have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body and help to fight infections.  

Pinene can also help asthma conditions and has shown positive results in patients with arthritis, Crohn's disease and cancer.


Caryophyllene is primarily found in cannabis. It can also be spotted in black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and spices like oregano, basil, and rosemary plants. This terpene compound binds to CB2 receptors and has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

This terpenes meaning in hindi, can directly bind to an endocannabinoid receptor to induce an anti-inflammatory reaction in the body. It is also used as an analgesic to reduce anxiety and also can help cure alcohol addiction.

Summing Up

When buying or starting CBD or Vijaya products, CBD oil India, Cannameds, CBD oil in India, buy CBD oil, thc oil India, CBD oil market in India, and CBD vape India, it is better to have an overview of what we consume and how it can affect our bodies. This complete guide to terpenes can help you understand what they are, how they work alone and with Vijaya and its benefits.

Before starting your journey with terpenes and Vijaya, consult a certified physician skilled in the field to understand your needs, mode of consumption, amount, etc., to experience the maximum benefits of the two powerful compounds.

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