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Cannabis For Period Cramps has been used to relieve throughout history. Menstrual symptoms may or may not interfere with a person's ability to function in social, professional, and academic settings. Promising research has revealed that medicinal marijuana may help relieve PMS symptoms like mood swings, chronic pain, and more serious issues like endometriosis, in addition to helping with period pain.

How Does CBD Help with Cramps Affect Menstrual?

The uterine lining and unfertilized egg are lost during menstruation. When there is no pregnancy, blood and uterine lining leave the body. Before and during menstruation, the muscles surrounding the uterus flex and move, which can occasionally cause excruciating cramps.

Medications such as hormonal contraception or over-the-counter pain relievers like Tylenol or Midol are frequently used to manage painful menstruation symptoms and premenstrual syndrome. Natural solutions such as yoga, warm baths, and marijuana effects are becoming more and more popular as go-to treatments for painful periods.

Even though there isn't much data, research is starting to show how medical marijuana can aid with symptoms including cramps and overall period pain.

It's unclear how cannabis reduces the symptoms of more uncomfortable times. There is conjecture that the endocannabinoid system (ECS) cannabinoid receptors combine with the psychotropic characteristics of cannabinoids, such as THC, to mitigate the experience of pain.

Menstrual cramp relief with medical cannabis appears to be possible with cannabidiol (CBD). The analgesic (pain-relieving) and anti-inflammatory qualities of the cannabinoid can help relieve headaches, back stress, and other period pain-related problems by relaxing the pelvic constricting muscles.

Numerous anecdotal accounts from consumers indicate that CBD-rich cannabis strains and products can relieve period cramps or are better overall.

While there hasn't been any particular research on the effectiveness of CBD for PMS symptoms to date, a large body of evidence supports the drug's potent pain treatment qualities as well as its capacity to uplift depressed moods and reduce anxiety. The use of medical marijuana to treat period pain is well-established, and many users have recommended the best strains of the drug to treat their monthly symptoms.

How can CBD Cream for Menstrual Cramps? 

Yes, you can treat painful menstruation symptoms like cramps by taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen. However, these can occasionally have unfavorable effects, like stomach problems. Furthermore, they might not be effective for you if you have severe cramps.

Certain individuals vouch for CBD as a natural remedy for managing menstrual cramps. Does CBD help cramps, however, function?

A 2020 review Source concluded that there is insufficient data to support CBD's use alone in the treatment of pain, particularly when many studies include THC-containing products.

According to a survey conducted in 2021, 23 percent of the 113 women who responded reported using cannabis (Trusted Source). Nearly all of those who stated they used cannabis said it relieved their symptoms, including cramps. However, it's hard to say if CBD worked by itself. Furthermore, the survey's sample size was tiny.

In comparison to physical therapies like yoga, stretching, and other cures, women with endometriosis self-rated cannabis or CBD oil as the most helpful at relieving pain, according to research from 2019 Trusted Source. However, the survey did not assess the relative effectiveness of CBD oil or cannabis.

There isn't much study on CBD in particular right now regarding how it affects menstrual cramps.

A recent short study with sixty-three individuals examined the impact of tampons infused with CBD on menstrual cramps across three cycles. Researchers have shown that this kind of tampon greatly lessens pain. That said, because the research on this is still in its early phases, we do not advise inserting any CBD for Cramps products—including tampons—into your vagina.

According to some research, CBD may have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. For example, a 2016 study conducted on rats by Trusted Source discovered that using CBD gel decreased joint pain and inflammation while having no negative side effects.

These qualities could lessen painful cramps associated with your menstrual cycle as well as other unpleasant symptoms like migraines.

A more recent study conducted on mice in 2023 (Trusted Source) indicates that CBD for Menstrual Cramps may also help reduce inflammation.

Nevertheless, studies indicate that THC and CBD complement each other well, so if you're searching for a CBD product to ease menstrual pain, you might want to go with a full-spectrum one.

Ultimately, additional research is required, particularly on people, to fully comprehend CBD's potential function in pain management.

How did we Choose CBD for Leg Cramps?

We used standards for safety, quality, and clarity to make our selections. Each product selected:

  • According to the COA, it is produced with hemp cultivated in the United States and has no more than 0.3% THC. It is also free of heavy metals, pesticides, and molds, as verified by third-party testing conducted by a lab that complies with ISO 17025.

Additionally, we thought about these factors when selecting the best CBD products for joint pain:

  • CBD type
  • CBD potency or concentration
  • Company certifications and manufacturing processes
  • Overall ingredients list, including elements that may support pain relief

Brand reputation, including:

    • Any warning letters from the FDATrusted Source
    • Customer reviews
    • Any unsupported health claims for the product or the CBD in general

Best Cannabis Strains THC Suppository for Cramps

A higher level ratio of THC to CBD is what makes the greatest strains (i.e., cultivars or chemovars) for menstruation cramps. For individuals seeking potent pain relief while reducing the euphoric aspects of THC, the balance between THC and CBD works wonders. Likewise, look for strains that have terpenes that are uplifting or analgesic.

Beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, pinene, and linalool are among the terpenes to be aware of. Naturally, what functions well for one individual might not for another. To get the best strain, you should experiment with a few different kinds.

Some cannabis users recommend strains like Dosido OG 18 that are high in the cannabinoids CBG and CBGA to relieve PMS symptoms and menstrual discomfort. Studies have revealed that CBG contains anti-inflammatory qualities that may be beneficial for excruciating gummies for period Cramps.

  • Gorrilla Glue or GG#4
  • Lavender
  • Blue Dream
  • Skywalker OG
  • Pink Kush
  • Sour Diesel
  • Purple Urkle
  • Kali Mist
  • Wedding Cake
  • Orange Kush Breath
  • Super Lemon Haze

Safety and Risks of CBD for Muscle Cramps

Legal cannabis products may pose safety risks. A 2020 study comparing items from dispensaries in several states found that over 90% of the medicines offered in medical dispensaries are far stronger than what physicians advise for the treatment of pain.

Although this might not seem like a bad thing, THC concentrations that are too high can cause issues, for instance, you can get reliant on or tolerant to these products, requiring increasing dosages to provide the same level of cramp pain alleviation.

Also, according to a 2017 survey, less than one-third of CBD products marketed online had the right components and dosages listed on their labels. The majority of the items contained less CBD and significantly higher THC than stated on the label.

Products containing THC and CBD are not subject to FDA regulation in the same manner as other medications. Therefore, it is possible to mislabel or misrepresent them.

Furthermore, research conducted on animals and in vitro has provided some evidence that excessive THC may have negative effects on reproductive health in females. To find out if this might also apply to humans, a great deal more research is required.

One must also take into account the adverse effects. However, the National Institute on Drug Abuse cautions that while smoking or consuming cannabis may provide a euphoric high, overindulging may result in feelings of fear, anxiety, paranoia, or panic. Some people may even go through a brief episode of acute psychosis, complete with delusions and hallucinations.

Indeed, exercise caution while using any product that you enter into your vagina. Before using any product of this kind, consult your physician.

FAQs Cream for Period Cramps

Is it safe to take CBD for Cramps?

While there isn't much data on how CBD affects menstrual cramps, there is some evidence that it has anti-inflammatory properties, which may lessen pain associated with the period.

However, studies on CBD indicate that its use is generally harmless. If your period cramps are really bothering you, it could be a good idea to see a medical expert.

How can I get instant relief from menstrual cramps?

Regretfully, there's no quick fix for menstrual cramps. Using a heating place to apply heat to your lower abdomen could offer some immediate relief. Applying topical CBD along with warming components like arnica may also be beneficial.

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