Does CBD Last in your body

How Long Does CBD Last in your body?

Anyone beginning to use CBD or Vijaya products is bound to wonder how long CBD lasts in the body. Just like any other drug or medicine, the longevity or the effects of CBD are dependent on various factors.

For instance, when an anaesthetic is administered, factors like mode of consumption, the stature of the person like weight and height, metabolic rate, tolerance levels, etc are some factors that can affect the effectiveness of the drug and how long it will last in the body.

Similarly, when Vijaya products are consumed, there are many such factors that must be taken into account before concluding how long CBD can last or how effective it can be to one’s body.

Factors that determine how long CBD will last

Generally, the effects of CBD or Vijaya can last anywhere between 2-6 hours depending on various factors. Some of the notable factors are discussed here:

Methods of Consumption

The method of CD or Vijaya intake plays a big role in Vijaya retention and its effect on the body. 


CBD or Vijaya oil is either placed under the tongue for a few seconds or is added to the food while preparing. When consumed sublingually, the CBD is easily and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream hemp oil skin care and bypasses the digestive system. The CBD reaches the bloodstream within 30 min to an hour and continues to remain in effect for about 2 to 3 hours.

CBD Capsules and Gummies

CBD or Vijaya capsules and gummies are the easiest and most preferred method of consumption for most Vijaya users. The capsules or gummies are consumed like a supplement or a daily multivitamin. The CBD tablet or the gummies takes longer to get absorbed into the bloodstream and take effect as it has to pass the digestive system first. The CBD is passed through the liver where it gets metabolised by enzymes. This can lead to a reduction in its concentration and can delay the onset of the effects.

CBD capsules and gummies can take about an hour to get absorbed into the body. The effect of CBD however, lasts for up to 6 to 8 hours post-consumption.

CBD Vaping

A compatible device is used to smoke or inhale CBD. this is the quickest way to ingest Vijaya into the system. The CBD bypasses the digestive system and enters the bloodstream immediately or within minutes. The effects of the cannabidiol stay in the system for about 30 minutes from vaping method. This makes it the best method for people seeking quick relief for a short period of time. For instance, people suffering from anxiety or epileptic symptoms can use this method for instant relief. 

CBD Topicals

Some Vijaya products are designed to be applied to the skin or hair topically. They are in the form of creams, gels, ointments, etc. The CBD bypasses the digestive system in this method too and can take about two hours to take effect. Most topically applied CBD products stay in effect for about five hours.

Factors affecting CBD Longevity

Apart from the method of Vijaya product consumption, there are certainly other factors that determine how long the CBD stays in your system.

Amount of CBD used

As Vijaya products do not contain THC, they do not give a high or become addictive. Hence, they are safe to consume. However, the amount of CBD that is consumed must be wth caution at least when beginning to take CBD.

Some claim that the best way to find out how much CBD must be consumed is to experiment with the dosage. Begin with 5-10 mg of CBD, 1 to 2 times a day, everyday for about two weeks. If you do not experience the benefits, you can increase the dosage by a little.

If the purpose of taking CBD is for long-term conditions lke chronic pain relief, anxiety or depression, inflammation, etc, a large amount of CBD is needed. If it is for short term relief a few puffs of CBD vape or topical applications can be taken.

Vijaya products work best when taken regularly and when guided by an expert. An expert can understand the underlying issues that you are trying to solve with CBD and can prescribe the best dosage and consumption technique to treat your problems.

The experts prescribe CBD dosage based on the problem you are trying to address, along with other factors like the food you consume, your body weight, lifestyle, etc.  

Person’s Body

A person’s body weight, water content, fat and muscle percentage can affect the amount of CBD needed to show the respective benefits. The body mass index and the metabolic rate can also be a determining factors as to how long Vijaya can stay on your body and how long the effects will last.

When CBD is consumed on an empty stomach, it gets metabolised faster and is eliminated from the body quickly. When consumed on a full stomach, it can take longer to digest, making it longer for the effects to occur.


Summing Up

The beneficial effects of Vijaya on the body can last based on the method of consumption of food, body weight and the person’s lifestyle. Generally, CBD effects can last from 2-6 hours on the body.

Understanding your own body and the issues you are trying to solve can be helpful in understanding the amount of CBD you must take. Taking the help of a Vijaya expert can help you get a good idea of the amount of CBD you must consume that can help you experience the benefits as required by your body.

As CBD is safe and is not addictive, it can be consumed every day and can help achieve the expected benefits with regular use.

How Long does CBD Stay in Your System?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound does cbd gummies get you high derived from the cannabis plant known for its potential therapeutic properties. When consumed, whether orally, topically, or through inhalation, CBD can enter the bloodstream and interact with the body's endocannabinoid system.

The duration CBD remains in your system can vary depending on several factors:

  1. Method of Consumption: The way you take CBD affects how quickly it enters and exits your system. Inhalation methods like vaping or smoking tend to have a more does cbd help mental illness rapid onset and shorter duration compared to oral ingestion.
  2. Dosage: Higher doses of CBD may take longer to metabolize and eliminate from the body compared to lower doses.
  3. Frequency of Use: Regular and long-term use of CBD can result in a buildup in the body, potentially prolonging the time it takes for it to be completely cleared.
  4. Metabolism: Individual metabolic rates play a significant role. Those with faster metabolisms tend to process substances more quickly.
  5. Body Composition: Factors like body fat percentage and overall health can influence how long CBD lingers in your system.
  6. Quality of the Product: The purity and concentration of CBD in the product can influence its absorption and elimination.
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