Triphala Churna For Constipation: Triphala Health Benefits

Triphala Churna For Constipation: Triphala Health Benefits

The three fruits, sometimes referred to as the three myrobalans, are equal parts of the ayurvedic herbal Triphala Churna for Constipation, which is used to treat constipation. Triphala comes in three different forms: extract capsules, pills, and powder (Triphala Churna). Constipation, weight loss (obesity), belly fat reduction, body cleansing, indigestion, and other stomach issues might all benefit from it.

What is Triphala?

What is Triphala

Since ancient times, Triphala has been utilized in traditional Ayurvedic medicine as an all-purpose remedy for symptoms ranging from tooth decay to stomach disorders. It is also thought to support general health and lifespan.

It is classified as a polyherbal remedy since it contains a variety of therapeutic plants.

Ayurvedic medicine, a traditional approach that emphasizes health promotion and disease prevention, makes extensive use of polyherbal mixtures.

The combination of synergistic herbs is believed to result in additional therapeutic efficacy and is a more powerful treatment than either component taken alone.

Triphala is a mixture of the nuts of the following three plants native to Vijaya Extract in Indian Ayurveda.


What Are the Benefits of Triphala?

Triphala may be beneficial in lowering inflammation and warding off some malignancies. Additionally, it might aid with weight loss, dental problems, and constipation.

Triphala is a plant that has been used for over a millennium in Ayurvedic medicine, even if you may not be familiar with it.

Three natural Indian therapeutic plants make up this herbal mixture.

It is a mainstay of conventional Ayurvedic therapy, which dates back more than 3,000 years and is one of the oldest medicinal systems in the world.

Owing to its numerous alleged health advantages, Cannazo India, Triphala has grown in popularity globally.

How to use Triphala Churna for Constipation and How to take Triphala Churna for Constipation?

How to use Triphala Churna for Constipation

Triphala can be purchased in health food stores and online.

It is available in many forms, including capsules, powder, or liquid.

For optimal absorption, triphala should be taken on an empty stomach in between meals.

Doses between 500 mg and one gram should be taken daily, while greater dosages can be utilized to address symptoms like constipation.

The powdered forms can be taken before meals by combining it with honey and warm water.

For a soothing beverage, this powder can also be combined with ghee, a kind of clarified butter, and added to warm water. It can also be mixed with honey to create a palatable paste.

Large doses can cause digestive symptoms such as diarrhea, so it is best to start with a smaller dose and gradually increase up to the recommended intake.

Although Triphala is considered safe for most people, please consult with your doctor before taking it to ensure safety and proper use.

Possible Health Benefits of Triphala Churna Dosage for Constipation

Triphala Churna Dosage for Constipation contains a number of antioxidants that perform protective functions in the body.

It contains vitamin C, flavonoids, tannins, polyphenols and saponins, as well as other powerful plant compounds.

These compounds help combat oxidative stress induced by free extremists, which are molecules that can damage cells and contribute to chronic diseases.

Antioxidant-rich diets have been demonstrated to lower the risk of diabetes, heart disease, several malignancies, and early aging.

Moreover, Triphala Churna for Constipation in Hindi has been demonstrated in animal experiments to lessen arthritis-related inflammation and damage.

Research has indicated that taking antioxidant supplements may offer additional advantages, such as lowering inflammation, enhancing athletic performance, and preventing heart disease.

May Protect Against Certain Cancers

Numerous investigations conducted on animals and in test tubes have demonstrated the protective effects of Triphala against specific nastiness.

For example, it has been demonstrated to stop the growth of pancreatic and stomach tumors, as well as lymphoma, in mice.

In trial tubes, this herbal treatment also caused the death of cancer cells related to the prostate and colon.

According to research, Triphala may have anti-cancer effects because of its high concentration of potent antioxidants like gallic acid and polyphenols.

Although these findings are encouraging, more research on the substance's possible ability to combat cancer in humans is required to evaluate its efficacy and safety.

May Protect Against Dental Disease and Cavities

There are various ways that Triphala may help dental health.

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities of Triphala can aid in preventing the development of plaque, which is frequently the cause of cavities and gingivitis (inflammation of the gums).

In a study involving 143 children, it was discovered that using a mouthwash containing Triphala extract decreased the amount of plaque, gum inflammation, and bacteria in the mouth. In a different study, hospitalized patients with periodontal disease who used a mouthwash containing Triphala saw a significant decrease in plaque and gum inflammation.

May Aid Weight Loss

According to certain research, Triphala Churna for Constipation may aid in fat loss—particularly around the abdomen.

In one study, mice who were not given a triphala supplement showed less reductions in body weight, energy intake, and body fat than rats fed a high-fat diet supplemented with the herb.

A supplementary 10-gram daily dosage of Triphala powder was found to be more effective in reducing weight, waist circumference, and hip circumference in 62 obese persons compared to a placebo.

Main Indications of Triphala

  • Weight loss (Obesity)
  • Diabetes
  • Anemia
  • Constipation
  • Flatulence
  • Jaundice
  • Pyorrhea
  • Asthma
  • Cough
  • Abdominal Distension
  • Male infertility due to pus in seminal fluid (taken with Dasamoolarishtam)

In Preventive Medicines

  • Cancer
  • Recurrent infections
  • Common cold

Is Triphala Churna Good for Constipation and Weight Loss?

Is Triphala Churna Good for Constipation and Weight Loss

To help lose weight, consume 3 to 5 grams (about 1 tsp) of Triphala Churna with warm water. It can be taken once or twice a day.

As an alternative, one might combine 1/2 tsp of Triphala Churna with 250 mg of Trikatu Churna, Anxiety and 1 tsp. Of honey, then drink the combination with lukewarm water. It is by far the greatest way since Trikatu speeds up metabolism and increases Triphala's ability to dissolve fat.


For how many days should we take Triphala?

The length of a triphala or other herbal remedy treatment depends on each patient's unique health situation. Utilizing triphala serves a more contemplative aim. The recommended course of treatment for mild to moderate constipation is two to four weeks. A person should take Triphala for about a year if they are using it for Rasayana.

Triphala Churna for Constipation powder is safe to use both short-term and long-term when prescribed for medical conditions.

How can I take Triphala to lose weight?

Triphala, along with Trikatu Churna and Honey, can be taken with water to help in weight loss.

Can I use Triphala with honey?

Yes, you may use Triphala and honey together. The usual purpose of this combo is to reduce belly fat.

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