Collection: Cannarie

We know life is hard enough. So, we designed Cannarie CBD to help you live without pain and anxiety.

Pain Management

We use pure cannabis extract and combine it with other natural elements to create a potent natural solution to relieve pain.

Arthritis Relief

Made with a special blend of CBD (cannablss, cannabliss India, canna bliss), arnica and peppermint oils, our Arthritis Relief oil is designed for individuals who suffer from joint pain or arthritis.

Anxiety Relief

You don’t have to live in silence anymore. Our Anxiety Relief tincture contains CBD and valerian root extract to help you relax.

Insomnia Relief

Lack of sleep impacts your quality of life and day-to-day functioning, so you must get a good night’s rest. Our Insomnia Relief tincture will help you sleep better at night time.