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Cannabliss Menstrual Pain Relief Roll-On

Cannabliss Menstrual Pain Relief Roll-On

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Cannabliss Menstrual Pain Relief Roll-On For Sale

Within minutes of application, the Cannabliss Menstrual Pain Relief Roll-On oil's powerful painkilling ingredients can assist in easing cramps, pain, and discomfort. To swiftly and efficiently relieve menstruation pain and promote relaxation, many Ayurveda super-herbs are combined with the medicinal properties of the cannabis leaf in the CBD oil India, Cannameds, buy CBD oil India, hemp oil India, CBD oil in India, buy CBD oil, thc oil India, CBD vape India. 


Natural menstrual pain relief medicine from cramps, discomfort, and other monthly symptoms can be obtained using the menstrual pain treatment roll-on oil efficiently and securely. The oil is prepared with a combination of nine super herb components to relax the muscles in the pelvic area, reduce inflammation, and lessen or completely remove the menstrual cycle pain relief associated with menstrual cramps. It offers the additional advantages of cannabis leaf extract.

Endocannabinoid receptors are found all over the body and regulate mood, inflammation, and menses pain relief perception. Medical cannabis chemicals bind to these receptors. The agony linked to menstrual cramps is further alleviated by cannabis.


Use the roller to generously massage the lower belly, lower back, and thighs with 6–8 strokes each.

Use your doctor's advice to get pain relief before and during your period.

Note: This medicine for period pain relief oil is meant for topical application only.


10 distinct herbal constituents, all of which have pain-relieving effects, are combined to create the oil. Inflammation is decreased, and pelvic medicine for stomach pain in periods is relaxed thanks to the combination of all-natural, plant-based substances and cannabis leaf extract.

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100% Clean Ingredients

Made in India as per Ayush guidelines

Rigorously Tested, Quality Assured