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MediZen Onco Protein Pro+

MediZen Onco Protein Pro+

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Facing cancer treatments often brings challenges like loss of appetite, weight changes, and muscle loss. To address these concerns, proper protein intake becomes crucial for tissue repair, immune strength, weight management, and overall recovery. Unfortunately, common protein supplements may not meet the specific needs of cancer patients due to unsuitable ingredients.

Meet Onco Protein Pro+: India's first cancer-specific plant-based protein powder. Crafted to tackle the challenges of cancer, this exceptional supplement is a safe and effective nutritional solution. Onco Protein Pro+ is tailored to support individuals at every stage of their cancer journey, from post-diagnosis to treatment preparations, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, and the challenges of recovery and remission. It stands as your dedicated companion, providing comprehensive support for concerns such as muscle weakness, weight loss, and increased vulnerability to infections. Beyond immediate phases, Onco Protein Pro+ remains a valuable support in your recurrence prevention journey, contributing to overall health and well-being.

Not just a holistic nutritional approach, Onco Protein Pro+ also has an outstanding protein content – a whopping 23.4 grams per scoop. Crafted from potent ingredients like pea protein, rice protein, curcumin, flax seed extract, moringa powder, and more, it provides comprehensive nutritional support. It's cancer-specific formulation, sugar-free composition, absence of preservatives and additives, and inclusion of cancer-fighting herbs make it stand out. This impressive protein concentration addresses the unique nutritional needs of cancer patients, offering a considerable boost often lacking in conventional protein powders.

Choose Onco Protein Pro+, your daily essential in the fight against cancer.

Onco Protein Pro+ (Chocolate) Benefits

Manages Weight

Helps in maintaining healthy body weight during cancer treatment

Boosts Muscle Strength

Aids in improving muscle mass and strength, crucial for cancer recovery

Cancer-Specific Protein Support

Formulated to meet the protein needs of cancer patients with 23.4gm protein

Cancer-Fighting Herbs

Enriched with curcumin, moringa etc, known for their anti-cancer properties

Rich in Essential Nutrients

Packed with vital vitamins and minerals to support overall health

Eases Treatment Side Effects

Helps alleviate discomfort from cancer therapies, improving quality of life


Mix 1-2 scoop of Onco Protein Pro+ with 100-150ml of water or milk. For best results, take 2 servings daily or as advised by your healthcare professional.

Quantity: 500 gms


  • Pea protein: Muscle support for cancer patients
  • Rice protein: Diverse amino acids for overall nutrition
  • Curcumin: Anti-inflammatory aid in cancer care
  • Flax seed extract: Omega-3 for heart health in cancer patients
  • Moringa powder: Nutrient-rich support during treatment
  • MCT fat powder: Concentrated energy for calorie needs
  • Chicory root fiber: Prebiotic for gut health in cancer care
  • Almond powder: Nutrient boost with added flavor
  • Spirulina powder: Immune support with essential nutrients
  • Orange powder: Natural flavor and vitamin C boost
  • Lemon powder: Vitamin C source for immune support
  • Pomegranate powder: Antioxidant-rich for overall well-being
  • Stevia: Natural sweetener suitable for cancer patients
  • Vitamin mix: Comprehensive nutrient support
  • Mineral mix: Comprehensive nutrient support
  • Acidity regulator: Ensures optimal pH balance, enhancing the overall quality of the protein
  • Xanthan gum: Texture improvement for better palatability
  • Cocoa powder: Rich chocolate flavor with potential antioxidant benefits
  • Chocolate flavor: Pleasing taste, enhancing the protein powder's palatability.
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100% Clean Ingredients

Made in India as per Ayush guidelines

Rigorously Tested, Quality Assured