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Neet Xtra Potent 1:5 CBD:THC THC Dominant 6000mg Cannabis Oil (15ml bottle)

Neet Xtra Potent 1:5 CBD:THC THC Dominant 6000mg Cannabis Oil (15ml bottle)

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Neet Xtra Potent 6000mg 1:5 CBD:THC Online

The Neet Xtra Potent 6000mg 1:5 CBD:THC extremely effective formula Strawberry Flavour is perfect for treating mild to severe medical disorders. It includes a 1:5 ratio of CBD to THC, which is quite strong. Additionally added to it is strawberry terpene extract, which is renowned for the wealth of advantages it offers. But the Cannabis plant, also known as Vijaya in Ayurveda, is the source of CBD oil India and THC India. 

Due to its numerous advantages, the plant known as Vijaya is highly loved in Ayurveda. Neet Xtra Potent 6000mg Landrace Cannabis is organic, non-GMO, vegan, and cruelty-free, and it is created from superior-quality hemp. It undergoes several quality checks to guarantee purity, potency, and a high-performance standard.

Neet Xtra Potent 6000mg Cannabis Paste also contains Strawberry Terpenes extract, which gives it a delicious fruity flavor in addition to the various advantages of THC products in India and CBD India (hemp oil in India, CBD oil India online, hemp oil India, buy CBD oil, buy CBD oil india). Because of their high antioxidant concentration, strawberry terpenes have several health advantages. 

Neet Xtra Potent 1:5 CBD-THC Extract proves to be useful: 

  • Mental health and mood disorders 
  • Chronic stress, anxiety, and depression 
  • Epileptic seizures
  • Chronic pain management.
  • Insomnia, sleep apnea, and other sleep disorders 
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Improving athletic performance 
  • Weight management
  • De-addiction and overcoming substance abuse 
  • Reducing inflammation 
  • Diabetes and hypertension
  • Improving skin and hair health 
  • Promoting cardiovascular health 
  • Preventing cancer 

CBD oil India online and THC oil in India

The Neet Xtra Potent 1:5 CBD:THC contains THC and CBD in a 1:5 ratio, offering both the soothing and pain-relieving benefits of THC as well as the numerous therapeutic and anti-inflammatory characteristics. THC oil India has a stronger analgesic impact than CBD due to its higher content, making it the better choice for more serious medical conditions. THC and CBD bind to the body's endocannabinoid receptors for analgesic, therapeutic, and anti-inflammatory actions.

Strawberry Terpene Extract 

Terpenes are fragrant substances that give a wide range of plants their distinctive scents. Plant essential oils contain a group of these volatile unsaturated hydrocarbons. Strawberry terpenes, which are strong bioactive components with various health advantages, are present in Neet Xtra Potent 6000mg Extract.

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100% Clean Ingredients

Made in India as per Ayush guidelines

Rigorously Tested, Quality Assured