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Pain Aid Tincture - Pain Killer

Pain Aid Tincture - Pain Killer

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For pain oral consumption

PainAID , is an Ayurvedic formulation which contains a powerful mixture of Medical cannabis

leaf extract and hemp seed oil. Owing to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, the

ingredients aid in the decrease of inflammation and discomfort. Due to its analgesic properties,

they also decrease any type of pain that people may be experiencing. Headaches, period cramps,

body aches from excessive training, migraine attacks, nerve pain, joint or muscle soreness are all

types of pain that the oral medicine can help with. Oral ingestion also helps with insomnia,

depression, and anxiety by soothing the body's cannabinoid receptors.

Product Benefits:HELPS FOR

Reduces chronic pain

Reduces edema, and hypersensitivity by balancing Vata Dosha.

Reduces stress and helps with insomnia

Manages depression and anxiety

Mechanism of action of active ingredient:

Cannabidiol (CBD) and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are two vital and active components

of medical cannabis (THC). THC, one of the active components in cannabis, activates the CB1

and CB2 cannabinoid receptors (1-2).

Injured tissues produce 2-arachidonoyl-sn-glycerol (2-AG), anandamide, and endocannabinoids,

which are known to reduce sensitization and inflammation by activating cannabinoid (CB)

receptors (3-5).

CBD and THC both help to alleviate pain at the injured site.

THCs have anti-inflammatory qualities because they activate CB2 receptors on immune cells,

which reduces the body's pain-inducing response to damage. CBD, on the other hand, decreases

inflammation by inhibiting inflammatory mediators and switching pro-inflammatory macrophage

repair cells to anti-inflammatory ones. (6-9).

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